Nov 3, 2013

Research into harmful bolts of pressure from wind turbines

Fresh medical evidence from Australia supports scientific claims of a direct causal link between wind turbine low-level pressure pulses and symptoms of sickness in humans - even up to 20 miles away.
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Important evidence from the Cherry Tree case in Victoria, Australia, presented in October 2013 from Sarah Laurie

There has been a significant amount of research recently at the Macarthur wind turbine site in Australia into bolts of pressure from wind turbines and associated health problems

Witness statements from residents and the extract of Les Huson's expert opinion are now up as documents on the website (please see links below).

In a nutshell Les Huson has found a remarkable correlation (86% of the time) between Gus Gardner's symptoms as recorded in his diary of "bolts of pressure" and transient pressure pulses of infrasound detected by Les's infrasound pressure monitor from the Macarthur wind turbines. Gus was blinded to the acoustic data at the time he recorded his symptoms.

Thus the evidence to support our hypothesis of a direct causal link between wind turbine generated infrasound pressure pulses and specific symptoms is mounting. There have been numerous other rural residents in Australia living or working near large wind turbines who have reported similar sudden pressure "bolt" sensations - dropping fit farmers to their knees (not easily done), or "thumps in the chest" and then feeling very unwell. I would be very interested to hear from anyone with a history of symptoms like this.

This is the first time to my knowledge that we have captured any acoustic data capturing these pressure peaks at a time when someone was experiencing these sudden intense symptoms. Acousticians I have discussed this symptom complex with previously think it may be caused by summation of pressure peaks from multiple wind turbines ie a cumulative effect, and these people are just in the "wrong place" when those pressure peaks from multiple wind turbines combine. We have never previously captured the measurements of pressure at the time the symptoms were occurring.

Les Huson's data seems to support that hypothesis, but more work needs to be done to confirm it including replicating these pressures in a laboratory situation.

Les also found that the infrasound from the wind turbines at Leonards Hill travelled over 30km and the attenuation followed the pattern of the NASA experiments in the 1980's ie attenuated at 3 dB per doubling (audible sound attenuates at a much faster rate of 6 dB per doubling)

However the infrasound generated by 140 turbines at Macarthur does not attenuate in the same way when it is measured within 6.4 km of the nearest wind turbine. His measurements showed that there was effectively NO attenuation at all between 1.8 and 6.4 km.

In some instances the pressure peaks measured were even greater at 6.4km than inside homes closer to the wind turbines.

Les is preparing his data for publication, so cannot share the full report submitted to the Tribunal, however he has given permission for the extract of his expert opinion to be circulated. He is also actively sharing the information with colleagues in Australia and internationally, and with state based bureaucracies with a direct interest in this issue.

Most importantly he stated that "I find it entirely plausible that infrasound can cause nuisance and disturbed sleep in communities surrounding wind farm developments similar to the Macarthur and Leonards Hill developments."

The links are here:

Les Huson's expert witness statement extract summarising his findings

Witness statement from resident who experiences the pressure bolts

Witness statement from resident who lives 3km away

Witness statement from resident who lives 5km away and cannot see the turbines

Please feel free to circulate this information widely and use it to educate as many people as possible about both the noise & pressure fluctuation impacts and the latest acoustic data from large wind turbines in an array on flat land (140 VESTAS V 112 3 MW wind turbines).

The author Sarah Laurie sends heartfelt thanks again to the Macarthur witnesses who have given their permission for the information to be circulated further than the Cherry Tree Tribunal hearing, and to those who donated to the Foundation to enable us to present the information with appropriate legal support to the Tribunal.


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Feb 26, 2016
Don't forget objections have to be with the Planning Inspector by 2nd March - that is next Wednesday!
Feb 9, 2016

Seren has lodged an appeal for this turbine at Ffrwd which was refused by Ceredigion Council in 2015.

Help for you about the main points to make to the Planning Inspector on our link:

Ffrwd Farm, Llanwnnen, Lampeter

Deadline for letters 2nd March 2016.

These should add further comments or modifications to any original objections. By email to: ''.

Jan 25, 2016
Some good news! Seren's appeal against the Carmarthenshire County Council's refusal of their 74m wind turbine at Blaen Pibwr - near the Botanic Gardens - has been dismissed.

Oct 28, 2015
Objections required AGAIN! Seren have appealed the Blaen Pibwr development.
Aug 25, 2015
A Community Councillor has been called to resign over breaches of the code of conduct.
Aug 24, 2015

We have put on another web page -  Legal / Procedural Challenges.

This page is under construction so more to come!

Aug 23, 2015

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Aug 23, 2015
Nothing has been decided yet on the re-application for a turbine at Maescadog. Your objections can still help - of special importance are transport issues of the turbine to the site and new regulations about bats requiring more detailed monitoring. There are many species of bats roosting at the nearby Dolaucothi Gold Mines.
Jul 9, 2015

Proformas for Objection Letters are available to download by clicking here for people who have NOT objected before

And here for a different proforma, worded as though you have objected before

You can print, add your comments, sign and post
OR copy content into an email amending to reflect your views and send via email

Deadline is Wed July 15 2015

Jul 2, 2015
We need to act now! Another application has been made for a turbine at Maescadog, Caio. The previous application was refused by CCC AND at Appeal. Previous objections will not count so could you write again using the new application number? The turbine is at the same site and is the same size so look below for what to do now. You could resubmit your previous objection or do a new one.There were over 200 objections previously - yours matters this time too! Time is short so please get a letter in by 17th July. Click on this blog to see the information you might need for your objection.
Mar 28, 2015
A German company, Energiekontor, wants to erect two industrial scale wind turbines on Mynydd Pencarreg.
Feb 13, 2015

If you have recently bought a house in the county you could help us gather information.

Did any wind turbine applications situated in the vicinity of the house you bought show up during the conveyancing process?

Did the searches show proposed or applied for wind turbine developments that might impact on your house? These include council searches or the declaration by the seller.

We want to encourage the Law Society to improve their forms and solicitors to offer more extensive searches.

Nov 5, 2014

Public exhibition for wind farm on Mynydd Pencarreg, Rhydcymerau

Jun 11, 2014
Refusal for Application E28824
May 7, 2014
News is just in that the Appeal against the decision by Carmarthenshire County Council, in December 2012, to refuse permission for 21 wind turbines on Llanllwni Mountain has failed.
Mar 27, 2014
April 3rd is the deadline for objections to: E/29773

Land at Panteg, Cellan, Lampeter Carmarthenshire, SA48 8HN


Mar 21, 2014

What we thought has now been proven! Walkers and climbers turn their backs on Scotland as electricity companies industrialise wild lands, according to a new survey by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS).


Mar 21, 2014
Alex Salmond is not only recommending Scottish independence. His love of wind farms has cost tax payers a huge amount of £ since the SNP took power.Will Scotland be able to afford that if independent, I wonder?
Mar 14, 2014
On 20 Jan 2014 Kris Hopkins,Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, responded to a question about the culmulative visual impact of wind turbines in Lincolnshire.
Mar 5, 2014
Wind Farm developments scrapped!
Feb 7, 2014
Easy access to see planning applications for wind tubines in Carmarthenshire.
Feb 7, 2014
Wind turbine rotor blades are difficult to recycle says a report from Aberdeenshire Council's Garioch area planning committee.
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European Court of Justice condemns EPAW
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Well we knew it! Wind turbines will take thousands off the value of your home says a report in the Daily Mail.
Jan 26, 2014
Wow! Taking turbines down because they spoil the view!
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